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It takes an incredible effort to reach the summit when you’re headed to weight loss mountain. But the end result is worth it. But just like so many people that fail to climb Mount Everest, there are many people that fail to reach their weight loss goals. That’s why some of the most focused and driven people out there are using everything at their disposal to make sure they hit their weight loss goals. For a lot of them, it’s finding the right supplement. Today we’re looking at Summit Turmeric + Forskolin, a new “advanced weight loss” supplement that claims to help users lose weight, burn fat and boost metabolism.

But any company can make claims of benefit. It’s the companies that provide proof of that success that we’re truly interested. In today’s review, we’ll talk about the supplement in full. Does it back up the claims of weight loss, fat burning and metabolism boosting? Or is it like so many other supplements out there that fail. There’s a lot to unpack here, so let’s jump right in. But if you’re interested in checking out our preferred supplements you can click any of the amazon ads on this page to start shopping.

Summit Turmeric + Forskolin Ingredients

This might seem out of the blue but Summit Turmeric and Forskolin is using…Turmeric and Forskolin. Weird how that works, right!? Here’s what we know about the two stars of this supplement.

Turmeric – Turmeric (and its derivative curcumin) is one of the most popular supplement ingredients on the planet right now. It’s typically used in powdered form, and derived from the turmeric root. The power of turmeric comes from the curcumin found within the plant. But having it, and it being useful to humans is two separate things. Getting good absorption of Turmeric is tough, and has led many people away from using turmeric altogether. We’re not sure on how bioavailable this blend is, but the popularity seems to speak in the positive for it.

In terms of results, turmeric and curcumin are mainly used for fighting inflammation. There are some studies out there that support this. But, again, the results are completely dependent on the bioavailability.

Forskolin – If you haven’t heard of forskolin as a weight loss ingredient, then you haven’t been paying attention. There’s a big following for Forskolin. Unfortunately, there aren’t as many studies backing up that enthusiasm as we would have hoped. Most of the studies aren’t even on humans. One animal study that we noticed recently showed that Coleus Forskohlii extract helped to decrease food intake and weight gain.

Does Summit Turmeric and Forskolin Work?

There’s some indication that Summit Turmeric and Forskolin will work for some people. But we’re not completely convinced. If you’re looking for something that works 100% of the time, try diet and exercise. It might sound crazy, but it’s the most tried and tested way to lose weight. If you do decide to go ahead with Summit Turmeric and Forskolin, be sure to talk with your doctor or nutritional adviser.

Where To Buy Summit Turmeric

Right now the only place you can buy Summit Turmeric pills is through the official site. We’ve seen some similar products popping up on online resellers like amazon and ebay before, but unless you’re buying through the company, you can’t really know for sure what you’re getting.

Summit Turmeric Review | Final Thoughts

If you want to try something popular and new, we can safely say that Summit Turmeric and Forskolin hits those criteria. But if you’re looking for something that’s going to work 100% of the time, then there might be better options available. If you’re adventurous (or rich) be sure to check it out. If not, check out one of our alternatives below.

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