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How To Find Your Ayurvedic Dosha!

If you’re reading this, you may or may not already know what Ayurveda is! But just in case, we’re going to give you a very basic run down of this system before we get into an important first step: finding out your dosha! Ayurveda is a traditional Hindu system of medicine that goes back CENTURIES. The focus of this system is on balancing the systems of the body through diet, herbal medicine, and conscious breathwork! If you’re into yoga, there’s a good chance you’ll be into Ayurveda as well! But when you’re first starting out there’s one important question to ask yourself: what’s my dosha?

What’s A Dosha?

In Ayurveda, there are three life forces contained within each person. These are the doshas! They are called Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. All people will have some blend of these three present, according to Ayurvedic principles. But for most of us, there will be a prominent dosha. And that is the answer to the question posed above: what’s my dosha? You may also experience imbalances of the doshas throughout your life, whether from emotional stress, weather conditions, or illness. Knowing the basic principle of what your dosha needs could help you formulate a plan to bring yourself back into balance!

What’s My Dosha? What To Look For!

When trying to figure out what your dosha is, you’ll mostly be looking at physical characteristics to determine which energy is strongest in your body! Narrowing down your dosha usually involves questions about your build, the types of illnesses you usually experience, and even what kinds of foods you like. It may seem strange, but this form of medicine has been practiced for centuries! So don’t be too quick to write it off. But we know what you really came for! You want to find out your dosha! Here’s where you answer the big question: What’s my dosha?

Vata Dosha

Keep in mind, you may not have ALL the characteristics of the doshas. The key here is to find which one you have the MOST qualities of. We are all complex beings, so of course you will have qualities from each category. If your dosha is Vata, these would be traits to watch out for:

  • Lively
  • Enthusiastic
  • Lean Build
  • Agile Movements
  • Dry Skin And Hair
  • Cold Hands And Feet
  • Light Sleeper
  • Sensitive Digestion
  • Quick To Anger And Forgiveness
  • Creative
  • Flexible
  • Anxious

Vata energy is cold, light, changeable, and dry!

Pitta Dosha

What’s my dosha? You might have a Pitta dosha if you notice these traits most:

  • Medium Build
  • Good Digestion
  • Thinning Hair
  • Body Runs Warm
  • Sound Sleepers
  • Strong Sex Drive
  • Energetic
  • Intelligent
  • Outspoken
  • Argumentative

The energy of this dosha is hot, fiery, sharp, and intense!

Kapha Dosha

Finally, if you haven’t identified with either of the first  two doshas in this article, this one may answer the big question: “What is my dosha?” Your dosha could be Kapha if

  • Strong Build
  • Large Eyes
  • Smooth Skin
  • Thick Hair
  • Calm
  • Thoughtful
  • Patient
  • Steady

The energy of Kapha is heavy, slow, solid, and cold.

Hopefully now you know your dosha! You can use this knowledge to learn more about which supplements could support you, how to balance your doshas, or how to work with this energy in order to enhance your health and life!

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