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If you have been searching online for things to include in your healthy lifestyle, you may have been reading about turmeric. Maybe you’ve been reading about turmeric supplements. So Is Turmeric Safe? You may be asking because you don’t know what turmeric is. You see, turmeric is just a naturally occurring plant / spice famous for its use in Indian curries and bright yellow coloration. The question Is Turmeric Safe is relevant when talking about supplements, dosages, and interactions with other conditions and substances. Like any other substance, you want to use it appropriately. For instance, people with liver disease should only consume turmeric with caution if they decide to at all.

Is Turmeric Safe? | Yes, But It Depends

Turmeric is safe just in general as it is a staple in human cooking traditions. But Is Turmeric Safe may be an appropriate question to ask when you consider that daily use in high concentrations may lead to heartburn or stomach upset. Also, the question may be appropriate for people with diabetes to ask since turmeric has the possibility to mess with blood sugar levels.

Pregnant women may also ask Is Turmeric Safe since turmeric has the possibility of causing uterine stimulation. This is also a good question for anyone to ask if they have bile duct dysfunction or gallstones since turmeric may lead to gallbladder contractions. The question Is Turmeric Safe is also relevant in pre-surgery situations since it can lead to excessive bleeding with antiplatelet effects. So it is recommended that you not use turmeric a couple weeks before any surgical procedures.

Is Turmeric Safe? | Yes! In Fact, It Is Healthy

Yes. Turmeric is safe. In fact, turmeric is more than safe. It’s healthy for you. The information above merely gives you an idea of times when the unique properties of turmeric may cause interactions or complications with other health conditions or procedures. Not only is turmeric, in general, quite safe, it also has a variety of health benefits including most famously anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

The main active chemical compound in turmeric, curcumin, is responsible for these benefits. This means that not only is turmeric safe. It can also be used to help alleviate the symptoms of arthritis, mild pain, skin conditions, and even Alzheimer’s disease. Turmeric is especially safe when you use it as it has been used in traditional medicine and cooking.

You may be more cautious when using turmeric or curcumin supplements that have much higher doses of curcumin than traditional uses of turmeric in food or medicine. Due to the nature of concentrations in supplements, if you are sensitive to curcumin, have a sensitive liver, or take more than the recommend dose, you may experience adverse side effects.

Final Thoughts

So turmeric is completely safe if you use it responsibility and intelligently. As a plant related to ginger, asking Is Turmeric Safe is kind of like asking if ginger is safe. Just because turmeric is a more exotic spice than ginger in the Western world doesn’t mean it poses a greater threat than the spices we are more used to. So have no fear! Enjoy your healthful turmeric today!

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