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How Much Turmeric Per Day Should You Take?

Have you heard of the amazing health benefits of turmeric? It seems like everyone is excited about turmeric these days. And, for good reason. Turmeric is an anti-inflammatory that can be used to treat things like arthritis, heartburn, kidney problems, and even Alzheimer’s. In short, turmeric is one of the most popular spices on the market these days and has popped up in everything from supplements to lattes. (And, everything with turmeric in it is deee-licious!). However, do you know How Much Turmeric Per Day you should consume? Do you just need a little bit? Or, is it better to load up on as much turmeric as possible? In this article, we will examine this question. Another thing to keep in mind is that How Much Turmeric Per Day you should take is dependent on what you are trying to treat. So, our list targets different ailments, as well.

In general, when trying a new spice, you probably shouldn’t overdo it. And, remember that turmeric isn’t an over-the-counter medication. Therefore, it shouldn’t be treated as medicine. Even though some cultures, such as in India, use turmeric as an additive in their diets, it’s easier to get higher amounts in supplements. And, everyone has a different idea about How Much Turmeric Per Day you should take. So, you should always just listen to what your body is telling you when trying a new spice.

How Much Turmeric Per Day Recommended For Different Things

The first thing to remember when taking turmeric is that the active ingredient is curcumin. So, you can eat an entire ocean of turmeric, but it won’t do anything to you if it doesn’t have curcumin in it. In general, most sources say you should aim for 500-2,000 grams of turmeric per day. This is just a general guideline for How Much Turmeric Per Day you should take overall.

Next, another important thing to remember when learning How Much Turmeric Per Day Is Safe is that it’s easier to get turmeric from a supplement than from food. You would have to eat a lot more food containing turmeric to get the same benefits from taking a supplement. But, you don’t want to overdo it in supplement form. You could have an allergic reaction or get a stomach ache from taking too much.

Another thing to remember is that there are OTHER forms of turmeric. Here are some different forms:

  • Cut Root
  • Dried, Powdered Root
  • Extract
  • Powder
  • Tincture

Lastly, remember what you’re trying to treat. For stomachaches, 500 mg of turmeric four times a day will probably do the trick. For different forms of arthritis, 500 mg twice a day has proven to be sufficient. And, for high cholesterol, 700 mg of turmeric extract twice per day. Additionally, for How Much Turmeric Per Day for itchy skin: about 500 mg three times a day.

Final Thoughts On How Much Turmeric Per Day Is Best

One last caveat is that pregnant women, people with gall bladder disease, and people with diabetes might want to know How Much Turmeric Per Day Is Safe for them. The answer is, probably none. In addition, you might be wondering if it’s okay for your kids to take turmeric. In general, turmeric is safe for kids. But, always remember that they shouldn’t take as much as adults can take when considering How Much Turmeric Per Day For Kids. To conclude, if you are looking for some good turmeric supplements to buy, try looking at some of the products on our site. Our page has a good list of products to start from!

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