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What Is Dirty Keto?

If you are here, you probably already know all about the ketogenic diet. Or maybe this is your first time. No judgement if it is. Either way, we’ll give you a quick recap of what keto is and how to use it. That way, you can fully comprehend the top at hand: The Dirty Keto Definition. This new variation of the ketogenic diet has everyone on board. Rather than the usual healthy keto options, this one purposefully goes out of its way to be a whole lot more exciting for your taste buds. And guess what? It still WORKS. So, we are here to tell you all about the Dirty Keto Diet Definition, give you a Dirty Keto Food List, and help you figure out the difference between a dirty keto and lazy keto diet. So, keep reading to find out all you need to know!

What Is The Keto Diet?

For the newbies, we are going to brush up on the keto facts really quick. Basically, a ketogenic diet is one of the fastest weight loss plans out there. The key to this diet is consuming 70% fat, 25% protein, and 5% carbohydrates. By doing this, your body stops using glucose for energy and uses your extra body fat instead. That way, you could gain energy simply by burning fat. This diet is a great way to reach weight loss goals quickly. But, there are a few approaches. Which brings us to the Dirty Keto Definition.

What Is The Dirty Keto Definition?

Here’s our simple Dirty Keto Definition: A ketogenic diet that doesn’t take out processed foods but uses the same keto ratio. Essentially, a dirty keto diet is focusing on taking out carbs and increasing fat, but without doing it using healthy foods. The best part is that people claim to still get results using a Dirty Keto Meal Plan. And you could too! Right after we tell you whether you are a dirty or lazy keto girl.

What Is Dirty Keto And Lazy Keto?

First things first, we need to figure out whether you are a dirty or lazy girl. Spoiler. You might be both. So, What Is Dirty Keto And Lazy Keto? And which one is better?

We already told you the gist of the Dirty Keto Definition, but how does it differ from the lazy keto diet? The lazy keto diet uses a similar idea, but it’s less strict than your typical keto diet. While most people try to count their fat, protein, and carbs, the lazy ketoers don’t. They have the whole just go with it approach. Basically, you would try to stick to the keto diet to the best of your abilities without actually knowing how close you are. If you do it right, you should still get results. However, the results might be a little slower than they would be with a Dirty Keto Meal Plan.

Dirty Keto Food List

If you’re wanting to make your very own Dirty Keto Recipes, you are going to need a food list. We are going to give you some of the best keto-friendly options that still tickle your taste buds. These are the very Dirty Keto Definition of a good time:

  • Bacon, Bacon, and More Bacon
  • Steak and Butter
  • Asparagus and Butter
  • Diet Orange Soda
  • Bunless Bacon Burgers

These are just a few of the Dirty Keto Recipes that you can try! Whether you make them yourself or buy them at your favorite fast food restaurants, you are technically still in the keto boundaries. But, if you decide you want to get even better results with your keto diet, you still have a few options.

Before You Go

The very Dirty Keto Definition focuses on the unhealthy part of the keto diet. But, it still works. However, if you want it to work even better, you might get some use out of our top keto supplements. To see some of them, start browsing our keto review tab near the top of this page. If you liked this article on the Dirty Keto Diet Definition, give us a like, share it with your friends, or comment below!

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